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New Brooklyn Bridge T-Shirts from Brooklyn Prints

Everyone loves the Brooklyn Bridge, that stone symbol that stands for both “New York” and “Brooklyn” at the same time. Of all of the bridges in the world, it’s the most recognized, and it’s an icon that will never go out of style.

Exclusive T-Shirt Designs Featuring the Brooklyn Bridge

At Brooklyn Prints, we’re already known for our classic images of the Brooklyn Bridge, and now we’ve added cool, clean t-shirt designs featuring our favorite bridge to our product line up. Our Brooklyn Bridge t-shirts come in two flavors: conventional designs with artfully screened and tinted Brooklyn Bridge graphics and all-over dye-sub shirts that show off our black and white Brooklyn Bridge photography.

We offer many versions of this design, which is based on our “Crossing Brooklyn Bridge” photo, and comes in both men’s and women’s American Apparel jersey tees that are double stitched and made in the USA.

Our all over dye-sub t-shirts have urban flair and are absolutely unique: you won’t find these t-shirts sold anywhere else. Here’s one we love, a distressed silkscreen-like image of the walkway of the Brooklyn Bridge (“Brooklyn Bridge Distressed All Over T-Shirt“).

Or make a bridge statement with a full-sized image of Brooklyn’s favorite landmark (“Portrait of the Brooklyn Bridge All Over T-Shirt“).

Each all over shirt is 100% polyester and has a silky, smooth feel. Even better, they’re made in the USA.

Whether you live in NYC or not, you’ll love our Brooklyn Bridge t-shirts. Take a walk with the Brooklyn Bridge today!

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