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New Brooklyn Bridge Framed Posters

Brooklyn Bridge framed posters

At Brooklyn Prints, we have lots of Brooklyn Bridge pictures to choose from, and now we’ve added framed posters of the Brooklyn Bridge to our product catalog.

Brooklyn Bridge, Wide Angle, Square Format - Watermarked Product Preview Image

Brooklyn Bridge, Wide Angle, Square Format 18×18 Framed Poster

These new framed posters come in several popular print sizes, including 12×18, 16×20, 18×24, 18×18 square, and a huge 24×36. They’re printed on enhanced matte paper using archival inks and are shipped ready to hang in black one inch wood frames (faced with acrylic, not glass). A great option for decorating on a budget, they feature the same great images we use for our art prints and will save you the trouble of framing.

Crossing the Brooklyn Bridge - Watermarked Product Preview Image

Crossing the Brooklyn Bridge 12×18 Framed Poster

Start building your Brooklyn Bridge framed posters wishlist now and stay tuned for more new products from Brooklyn Prints!

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