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Introducing Downloadable Images from Brooklyn Prints

We’re very proud of our art prints, but we realize that there are times when a customer has to have a print without delay. To meet the needs of these customers, we’ve added downloadable images to our current catalog.

Our downloadable images come in three sizes and are designed for easy printing. Small image downloads can be printed at approximately 8×10 inches (for items with different aspect ratios, such as 2×3, these dimensions will vary slightly). Medium image downloads are perfect for slightly larger prints, in the 11×14 to 12×18 inch range, and Large image downloads are matched to the actual size of the corresponding art print. Note that each downloadable image has a lower resolution than the original image we use for making our art prints; downloadable images are also compressed in the Jpeg image format to ninety percent to make downloading them faster.

Because we are not involved in printing downloaded images for our customers, we can not be held responsible for the quality of any print made from our downloaded images, for obvious reasons (if quality is a concern, we recommend that you purchase one of our art prints instead).

Once a downloadable image has been purchased, there are no refunds. Download links remain active for five days after purchase and each image can be downloaded up to three times before the download link expires.

As of May 2016, we have a limited number of items that have a downloadable option in our catalog, but we will continue to add the option to new items as we move forward. To get a sneak peek at all of them, have a look at the downloadable images section of our website.

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