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New in May 2016: Images of Central Park, the Brooklyn Skyline, the Queensboro Bridge, and More

Brooklyn Prints added lots of new products to its catalog in May (2016), including some terrific images from New York photographer Chad Gayle.

59th St Queensboro Bridge at Night - Watermarked Product Preview Image

59th St Queensboro Bridge at Night Art Print

The Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge spans the shores of Manhattan and Queens but also has its feet planted squarely on Roosevelt Island. Chad took this color images of the 59th Street Queensboro Bridge at night on the eastern side of Roosevelt Island, which produces a photographic view of the Queensboro that substitutes a humble lines of trees for the towers of Manhattan. Available as a 16×20 print (custom sizing also available).

Gapstow Bridge in Winter - Watermarked Product Preview Image

Gapstow Bridge in Winter Art Print

Armed with a Hasselblad medium format camera, Chad went into Central Park at midnight in the winter of 2015 to get this amazing photo of the Gapstow Bridge set against the skyline that rises along 59th Street. Snow that has melted and refrozen reaches down the shore of the still waters of the nearly frozen Pond, creating an oasis of peace in the urban jungle.

Snow Covered Poets Walk at Night - Watermarked Product Preview Image

Snow Covered Poets Walk at Night Art Print

Also done in the winter of 2015 at night, this magical portrait of the Mall in Central Park, also known by its popular name, “The Poet’s Walk,” shows the lights beneath the American elms shining upon the packed snow and the snow-salted limbs of some of Central Park’s most majestic trees. “Snow Covered Poet’s Walk at Night” is available as a 12×18 black and white print.

Leaning Skyscraper - Watermarked Product Preview Image

Leaning Skyscraper Abtract Art Print

On a daily jaunt through Midtown Manhattan, Chad aimed his camera at the sky while he was walking along Eighth Avenue. The resulting image, “Leaning Skyscraper,” is an abstract landscape photo that blurs the boundaries of urban experience.

Kentile Floors Sign Above Brooklyn Skyline - Watermarked Product Preview Image

Kentile Floors Sign Above Brooklyn Skyline Art Print

Boom times in Brooklyn have altered the skyline, as is clear from this 2012 large format image, shot from the elevated tracks of the F and G trains in Gowanus. Brooklynites were surprised when one of the landmarks of that neighborhood, the Kentile Floors sign, became a victim of further gentrification of the area. It now remains only as a memory and as an imprint in a black and white photograph.

Kentile Floors Sign Above Brooklyn Skyline” is available as a 20×24 art print, along with many other new items that we’ve added this month. Subscribe to our feed or our mailing list to stay on top of our ever expanding catalog.

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